Technical Consultant Services | Project management

More specifically, the company undertakes the technical support of the project, from the planning to the implementation of the investment projects. In particular, it provides Technical Consulting Services to Enterprises and Investors operating in the following areas:

Energy & Natural Gas | Tourism | Real estate

The technical department of the company consists of engineers and workshop specialists wit all areas of expertise and many years of experience and know-how, and undertakes the Licensing of technical projects in Energy & NGCCP | Hotel units | Investment properties.

The company Tetris Built Environment Consultants - Technical Company, undertakes the Quality Construction and Renovation of Investment and Tourist Real Estate and Airbnb Homes.

We are always by your side with credibility, know-how and aesthetics, we strengthen your business development strategy and your investment plan.

Technical Consulting for

  • Authorization of energy projects & hotels
  • Construction of energy projects and hotels
  • Renovation-Energy Upgrading to Tourist Properties - Hotel Complexes
  • Renovation in real estate for Airbnb use