A profitable business opportunity is in the field of energy & natural gas cogeneration and in particular the implementation of high efficiency NGCCP plants with natural gas combustion in hydroponics greenhouse crops and aiming at production of electricity and its subsequent sale to the network of the Public Electric Company, as well as the exploitation of heat to operate a Hydroponics greenhouse with zero energy costs.

Definition of NGCCP

"NGCCP is the simultaneous generation of electrical (and / or mechanical) and useful thermal / cooling energy from the same initial energy in a single process"

In countries such as the Netherlands, NGCCP stations have been operating for over 15 years. The natural gas and hydroponics NGCCP companies are located throughout the country, and the energy produced, as well as hydroponic production, account for more than 20% of the country's GDP.

Strengths of the investment

  • It is extremely advantageous and procures safe and stable incomes of significantly high yields, both from the sale of the electricity produced in the network (Public Electric Company) and from the sale of the produced hydroponics products from the Joint project.
  • It is safe, since the Investment Project itself (a power generation unit from natural gas and hydroponics) is able, by its own function, to repay interest-free installments.
  • It is dynamic, with a steady profitability from the sale of electricity to the Public Electric Company, and with clear prospects for data profitability and positive prospects for pricing and availability of gas in general, as well as primary production in a country that benefits from sunshine and the particularly good climate.
  • Funding is available: (a) to a large extent and up to 50% of funds through the New Investment Law 4399/2016; and (b) with low-interest bank loans, for the remaining amount of the project.

NGCCP & Hydroponics

  • The implementation of the NGCCP stations in greenhouses is combined with parallel production of electricity, heat and cooling, as well as with the clean combustion of natural gas and the purification of exhaust gases through specific catalysts, and pure carbon dioxide (CO2) flows into the greenhouse and contributes to the growth of plants, thus increasing production by 20%. At the NGCCP stations , the generators generate electricity that is supplied to the network of the Public Electric Company and the thermal energy of the machines, an alternative medium, is fed into the greenhouse.
  • The final price of the Energy Market under Law 4414/2016 of the pricing of RES and NGCCP , is calculated as follows: NGCCP plant power generation: 92 € + WT + 15% increase due to the use of heat in a greenhouse + 20% price surcharge, due to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the greenhouse. The total purchase price increase is 35% + price surcharge. The installation next to the greenhouse unit of a cogeneration plant generates significant potential cost savings, as the energy costs of greenhouse operation are minimized by the production of useful heat and cooling.


Hydroponics is the science of cultivation in a greenhouse without soil (cultivation in Water) and is a solution to the need to produce a large quantity of quality products (per acre of conventional cultivation, 7-10 tons of tomatoes are produced annually, while with hydroponics the production increases to 50-70 tonnes per acre). Hydroponic products are of high quality and standards, particularly competitive in export due to low production costs and the use of environmentally friendly cultivation methods.

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