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The company provides consulting services on Real Estate, from finding the right property or hotel unit and the promotion of investment properties, to the appropriate interested entrepreneurs and investors, the Investment Fund and strategic investors from the domestic and international markets, engaged in investment opportunities in Greece and especially in the fields of Tourism and Energy.

It proposes and undertakes the exploitation and management of investment property & residential properties through Airbnb and provides investment property management services.

It is targeting its international market and clientele to find buyers for investment properties and hotels.

Real Estate in Greece

The Greek real estate market in Greece has been on a steady upward trend from 2017 and until today, following a ten-year crisis that was the second largest in Europe. In some regions, losses in Greece were up to 60%.

Greece as a hot destination for real estate investments.

  1. Due to the arrival of foreigners in Europe through Greece seeking Golden Visa in order to obtain a residence permit, with the obligation to buy a property,
  2. As well as the high returns resulting from the demand for short-term leases through the Airbnb platform and Booking, etc.,
  3. In addition, Greece, according to a survey by Tranio, appears, as one of the participants of the Mediterranean Resort & Hotel, as the "hot" investment destination in the Mediterranean in the tourist real estate, ranking ahead of Spain and Portugal,
  4. Always according to Tranio's research, it is the 3rd most attractive market for institutional investors, right after Spain and Italy.
  5. In addition, Greece hosted 25,000,000 arrivals in 2016 and 30,000,000 arrivals in 2018, and is one of the most frequent tourist destinations

These reasons above have prompted the demand for real estate to more than double, while the acquisition prices of real estate in Greece remain attractive.

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