Immigration Service Procedure


Greece provides Residences Permit for investment activity-Golden Visa & Immigrant Investor Visa.

Tetris Built have the expertise (lawyers etc ) to customize the needs of third-country citizens who wish to obtain the residence permits for themselves or their families.

The government of Greece, adopting a friendlier stance towards those who wish to own real estate property in Greece, has introduced a procedure to obtain residence permits for third-country citizens, who are real estate owners in Greece. The residence permits can be renewed every five (5) years and their value exceeds €250.000.

Residence permits for real estate owners and to whom they apply

A residence permit for real estate owners is a new type of residence permit, applying to third-country citizens, who have entered the country legally and obtain any kind of visa (type C or D) or, are legal residents in the country and even if the residence permit they hold does not allow the change of residence’s scope. Beneficiaries to entry and to acquire a permanent residence permit, which shall be renewed every five (5) years, are:

a) third country citizens who own a real estate property in Greece, either personally or either through a legal entity of which they own the total of the company shares and provided that the minimum value of the property is €250.000.

b) third country citizens who have signed a timeshare agreement (lease) – for a minimum of 10 years – for hotel accommodations or for furnished tourist residences in integrated tourist resorts and provided that the minimum cost of the lease is €250.000.

c) family members of the third country citizens described above.

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