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TETRIS is a Consulting Company I Consulting Engineers I Technical Company

It has been operating successfully since 2009 across the range of Consulting Services.

The company has an office network in Athens and Thessaly and holds a leading position in the Consulting Services sector, based on its clientele and the approved investment proposals it manages.

The company provides the following services: Consulting I Consulting Engineering I Project management I Real estate

It provides Reliable Financial Consulting Services, Technical Assistance & Investment Consulting Services to Real Estate and Investors.

It undertakes technical and economical studies, and provides you with high quality services.

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With expertise and long experience in consulting, it has a long streak of success in investing in finance programs.

With specialized work crews and our experienced engineers, and with respect to aesthetics, we undertake the construction and renovation of tourist properties and residential properties for Airbnb use.

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CEO , Papadopoulou Dora
Engineer, member of the Technical Chamber of Greece
MSc - Management in Construction
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