Programs - Financing

Investment programs | Grants

TETRIS Built Environment undertakes Integrated advisory support to optimize the use of supporting support mechanisms (national and European programs), as well as to find the appropriate financing tool for financing existing businesses, start-ups and companies that are now starting their trade in the tourism sector.

Our company has successfully managed hundreds of business projects in the framework of national and European programs and supports investors and entrepreneurs with know-how and credibility for its investors and businessmen, at all stages of their investment.

Tetris Built Environment is specialized in the whole range of investment programs for business and investments in the Tourism sector, in the field of Energy ( NGCCP -Natural Gas and Hydroponics Stations), Biogas Units, Power Stations, and in a wider range of business activities such as Industry, New Technologies, Logistics, etc.

Consulting - Financing

In particular, it undertakes the full range of consulting support and drafting of Business Plan studies, Sustainability studies, raising funds for the financing of investment projects and the preparation of financial studies and applications for investment projects for favorable financing and subsidies.

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For Businesses and New Leading and Innovative projects, the institutions offering grants or favorable loans, subsidized interest rates or working capital, can be national, as well as European.

Tetris Built Environment is involved in the whole range of preparation of funding requests, from the stage of finding the right financial tool for the investor and businessman, to the collection and editing of the necessary supporting documents, the preparation of studies and the submission of the investment dossier for funding.

The company responsibly undertakes integrated management, i.e. the supporting of the application for funding and / or grant and / or lending, and monitors the evaluation stage, up to the final draw.

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Funding Bodies RES | NGCCP Tourist units

  • European Investment Bank (EIB) European Investment Bank
  • European Strategic Investment Fund (EFSI)
  • EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development)
  • Green Investments
  • Development Law 4399/2016
  • Support in the form of a grant from the NSRF program 2014-2020
  • JEREMIE for General Entrepreneurship, returning Jessica support (lending)
  • Grants from the Hellenic Fund for Entrepreneurship and Development S.A. & the Fund of Entrepreneurship and Loans in the form of returning aid
  • Aid in the form of a grant from programs such as Leader, NSRF, etc.
  • Granting a loan from financial institutions, banking institutions and hedge funds from abroad