Our Services

Tetris Built provides its services on:
Consulting | Consulting Engineering | Project management | Real estate

TETRIS Built Environment is active through the entire range of consulting & business finance. We responsibly support Business & Investors and we look for integrated solutions and integrated services to Customers with One Stop Solutions & Turn Key solution Services.

TETRIS Built Environment, Consulting company, Fully undertakes

  • the preparation of financial plans and business plans
  • submitting studies & requests for investment financing programs
  • as well as finding funds & finance solutions for businesses

TETRIS Built Environment responsibly provides the services of Technical Consultant

  • Fully undertakes the preparation of technical & environmental studies for Hotels & Resorts
  • Fully undertakes the preparation of technical and environmental studies for energy projects
  • Integrated and timely completion of the licensing process

TETRIS Built Environment Technical Company undertakes Construction & Renovation in Energy & NGCCP / Hotel units / Investment properties

  • The company undertakes Quality Constructions with respect to aesthetics, in a responsible and trustworthy manner.
  • As well as the Renovation of Investment and Tourist Real Estate and Airbnb housing

TETRIS Built Environment provides Real Estate Consultant services in real estate, especially for utilization & investment in tourist properties, Hotel & Resorts, as well as in energy projects that are currently ongoing. In particular, it undertakes:

  • Scouting for purchase of investment properties & energy projects
  • Finding strategic investors, buyers and investment funds
  • Exploitation of investment properties
  • Management of tourist properties

We are responsible for supporting the strategic development of your business and the realization of your investment plan.

Yours sincerely
CEO, Papadopoulou Dora
Engineer, member of the Technical Chamber of Greece
MSc - Management in Construction
The Tetris Built Environment team