Financial Consulting Services

TETRIS Built Environment provides its consulting services to raise funds and finance businesses from banks and investment funds, as it prepares studies to receive grants from Investment Grant Programs (Development Law, NSRF, European Programs, etc.).

In particular, it fully undertakes:

  • the preparation of econometric studies
  • drawing up business plans
  • submitting studies & requests for investment projects
  • finding the right financial tools for the project or business
  • finding funds or strategic investors and favorable financing solutions


An integrated business plan is a benchmark for the business itself, as well as for the future investment that will aim to strengthen the business against the challenges of the future and the competition, as it will seek to increase profitability and return on investment. It is also a necessary tool in achieving the goal of attracting an individual or business, or hotel prospective investors.

The BP (BUSINESS PLAN) is now a prerequisite for the submission of requests for grant programs and investment programs and general funding from public bodies (Ministry of Finance and Development), Hellenic Fund for Entrepreneurship and Development S.A. etc. and financial institutions, as the creation of a financial plan and the description of the long-term and short-term goals is a tool in assessing the requests for funding.

The business plan allows each New Entrepreneur to capture his business idea by assessing his commercial, financial and financial outlook. It is an important tool for planning and controlling the future activities and it is also a means to communicate its business idea to a prospective partner or financier.

Business Plan In Tourist Enterprises

A business plan for tourism businesses is a tool for developing an alternative strategy and new forms of tourism, as well as improving existing services and finding strategic investors and the funds needed to upgrade and enhance competitiveness, in a particularly demanding sector.

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