Development Law 4399/2016

Tetris Consulting Services that pertain to the Development Law

The Tetris Built Environment Advisory Board, with a plethora of approved investment plans, provides you with full and continuous advisory and technical support at all stages of your investment, from the Planning, the Collection of the Necessary Documents, the Study, the Submission, the Evaluation, up to the final Draw for the successful completion and implementation of your project.

In particular, the company undertakes:

  • Drafting a study and submitting a request for Integration of the business plan into funding programs, through the New Investment Law
  • Integrated Management of Investment Plans until the final draw

The meritorious maturity of your investment plan, as well as the proper preparation of the submission dossier, are critical factors for qualifying for a grant, since they are directly related to the formulation of the appropriate conditions for obtaining the maximum score in the evaluation.

Information & Purpose of the New Development Law 4399/2016

It aims at investment restarting and provides investment projects and businesses with significant financial incentives, and not only with a Capital Grant, Tax Exemption, and Leasing.

In its new form, almost all sectors of economic activity are covered, thus strengthening the creation of new units and the expansion of existing ones.

In particular, four (4) Statutes of the new Development Law 4399/2016 were announced, of which the two schemes have already expired. The implementation of the New Development Law 4399/2016 began on 19 October 2016 and continues until today in 2018, with the activation of the 2nd Cycle of Submissions.

The grant rate is up to 50% and is determined by the size of the investment plan or of the business and the location of the facility.

The minimum equity capital remains at 25% of the total investment plan budget, and may come from borrowing (external financing) but it does not include a benefit or aid e.g. a subsidized interest rate, etc.

The remaining amount of the project may be subsidized and borrowed through the Guarantee Fund.


In the 4th quarter of 2018, the calls for all the development law schemes for which the 3rd round of submissions will be opened, are expected to begin.

In 2019, we expect the new development law, as it is the flagship of grant programs in the form of one-off leasing, etc., of new and existing businesses operating in Greece.


A business opportunity concerns a grant for investment projects involving hydroponics NGCCP (primary agricultural enterprises, such as greenhouses with hydroponics systems) and their equipment for heat and power generation (High Efficiency Production of Combined Heat and Power), which are subject to the New Development Law for the "New Independent SMEs".

The business opportunity to receive a grant to create a new tourist unit that will benefit from the tourism challenge with ever-increasing returns, as our country is in the chosen destinations of millions of tourists each year, is also subject to the status of the New Development Law for the "New Independent SMEs".

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