Services to investors

With a team approach, our specialists (lawyers-real estate agents-civil engineers) have the expertise to customize the needs of our clients, in order to offer a complete range of consultancy services, starting from the strategy development up to the daily operations.

We combine our local market’s knowledge with our expertise, both in the field of the real estate sector and in the field of Golden visa services. With regard to our clients’ and investors’ satisfaction, our highest priority is the commitment to the needs, requirements and expectations οf our customers.


Tetris Built professionals, being aware of the today’s business world reality, can offer ‘’one stop shop solution’’ services for the benefit both of our clients and investors, through minimizing and conserving their resources at their effort to obtain a Golden visa and by capitalizing the opportunity to invest in real estate market in Greece.

Our services to Owners & Investors

  • Marketing research
  • Investments services
  • Management Services
  • Consultancy
  • Construction
  • Valuation & Advisory
  • Commercial lease and short-term lease for business offices
  • Airbnb services and real estate brokerages
  • Building consultancy and workspace planning, and design
  • Property and facilities management
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