Services for NGCCP and RES

Tetris Billed Environment undertakes responsible design, study & full licensing of NGCCP projects and provides reliable technical consulting services for the implementation of an implementation study, the supervision of the construction of the stations and the operation of the NGCCP stations.
The company is staffed by a highly skilled team of scientists and collaborates with European companies manufacturing technology equipment, with international and successful presence in cogeneration projects.


The Company pioneers the creation of geographic clusters in Greece and undertakes to find suitable areas for the commitment of the appropriate land so that the NGCCP stations can be developed there, plus Hydroponics Greenhouses to facilitate unit operation and maximize performance.
The size and extent of greenhouses remain an important parameter, directly related to the viability of the business. For this reason the development of small and medium-sized NGCCP plants with greenhouses and use of Hydroponics is proposed to be done in geographic clusters.
Geographic Clusters in our country possess the comparative advantage of the climate factor, they are based on the innovative thematic field of the development of NGCCP stations in hydroponic greenhouses, and concern Business clusters that are geographically linked to a value-added chain and which acquire the competitive advantage to grow and operate under a scale economy.

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Our services are related to integrated solutions of technical consulting to investors as follows:

  • Design, study and Full Licensing of NGCCP projects
  • Full Environmental Licensing of the NGCCP stations
  • Services of Technical Consulting in the selection - construction and installation of the appropriate mechanical equipment
  • Application design for guaranteed performance of NGCCP plants and for the maximum performance of hydroponics systems
  • Management - monitoring & after sales service of NGCCP plants in hydroponic greenhouses.
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The investment projects relating to enterprises in the primary agricultural production sector (greenhouses with hydroponics systems) and their equipment for the production of energy, including a part of the mechanical equipment for cogeneration of electricity and CO2, fall under the New Development Law for the "New Independent Small and Medium Enterprises".
The launch of the second round of submissions for investment projects related to the "NEW INDEPENDENT SMEs" expires on 17 September 2018.
The funding quota may not exceed EUR 500.000 per business plan.

NGCCP Consulting Services

  • Designing a study and submitting a request for Integration of the business plan into funding programs through the New Investment Law.
  • Integrated Management of Investment Plans.
  • Exploiting the sources of financing on favorable borrowing terms.